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"Difficult Women" Promo Video

"Difficult Women" is a series of duets, solo’s and trios interpreting a selection of short stories by feminist writer Roxanne Gay in her book “Difficult Women”. Within Gay’s short stories she explores fictional female characters and their “difficult” imperfect lives and human flaws, their bizarre and visceral urges and behaviors produced by the situations they are faced with. Using dance to redefine the meaning of the relationships Gay presents to us, we can gain a new perspective and understanding of the intricate women within them. 

Director/Choreographer: Katya Danko

Dancers: Bonnie Bushnell, Madeline Charles, Taylor Marie, Brittany Posas, Song Ravinan and Gabriela Vazquez

"My Body" Teaser Trailer

 "My Body", by singer/songwriter Sage Buchalter. deals with female body autonomy, reproductive rights, treating people as individuals and showing them kindness and empathy.

Director: Amanda Nicholas
DP: Bettina Campomanes
Editor: Grace Palmer
Gaffer/Colorist: Stacia Bohnert
Choreographer: Katya Danko
AD: Lauren Jennings
Hair/Make up: Tayler Winer
Wardrobe: Jade Acosta (fab dress by Sam Wittig)

Dancers: Molly Gray, Brittany Posas, Taylor Marie
Actors: Libby MunsonElizabeth BerkmanAmanda JoyDonna GlaesenerStevi DumbrellJennifer Walder CarlsonHolly LongmoreChristy YinEva RichardsTiffany YuenAkimi Biggs,

"Entrapment" A Short Dance Film

"Entrapment" is a short dance film set to music by the epically ethereal Florence and the Machine. A reinvention of an older piece originally made for the stage, it investigates the idea of being trapped in your own reality and whether or not you have the strength to move on. 

Producer and Choreographer: Katya Danko

Director: LeeAnn Hoover

Dancers: Madeline Charles, Megan Bowen and Bonnie Bushnell

Director of Photography: Toru Nishikobu

Production Assistant: Makoto Matsuo

"Enough": A Dance Piece

"Enough" premiered at the Drew University Spring Dance Concert in 2017. Hired as a Featured Alumni Guest Artist, Katya created the piece as a commentary on the complexities of female insecurities and the subtle (and not so subtle) nature of societal pressure. 

Conceptualized and Choreographed by Katya Danko

Performed by Rein Short, Madeline Charles and Bonnie Bushnell 

Lighting Design: Zoe Camp 

Costume and Sound Design: Katya Danko 

Dance Show Director: Kimani Fowlin

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